Study Astrobiology


Florida Institute of Technology – Space Sciences Astrobiology
Pennsylvania State University – Astrobiology Minor Program
Princeton University – Certificate Program in Planets and Life
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Astrobiology Minor
University of Arizona – Minor in Astrobiology                                                Arizona State University – Astrobiology Focus
Pennsylvania State University – Graduate Studies in Astrobiology
University of California, Los Angeles – Graduate Programs 
University of Colorado – Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology
University of Washington – Astrobiology Ph.D. Certificate                  Columbia Astrobiology Center – NYC Astrobiology Consortium          Montana State University – Biogeocatalysis Research Center            University of Southern California – Geobiology and Astrobiology        University of Hawaii – NASA Astrobiology Institute


Astrobiology Courses in Other Countries



Astrobiology Short Courses

Arizona State University – Habworlds Beyond
Cheyney University of PA – Undergraduate Course
Coursera/University of Edinburgh – Astrobiology Course
Eckerd College – Astrobiology & Life in the Universe Course
Hampshire College – Astrobiology Course
Northern Arizona University – Cultural Simulation: The Mars Mission
Princeton University – Life in the Universe Courses
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Origins of Life Course
San Jose State University – Astrobiology Courses
San Jose State University – Science Education MS Program
Smith College – Astrobiology Special Topic Courses 
Stanford University – Astrobiology Course
Stanford University – Planetary Habitability
Study Astronomy website – Certificate in Astrobiology Course
Swinburne University – Astronomy Online Short Course
Tufts Experimental College – Life on Earth and Beyond
University of Arizona – Planetary Astrobiology
University of California, Berkeley – Earth and Planetary Science 
University of California at Los Angeles – Astrobiology Course
University of Illinios – Emergence of Life MOOC
University of Maryland – Center for Planetary Origins
University of North Dakota – Astrobiology Courses
University of Washington – Astrobiology Courses
Wesleyan University – Planetary Sciences Department


Other Educational Resources

Astrobiology at UC Berkeley – Solar System Exploration
Institute for Planets and Life – Collaboration of JHU and STSI ISU
Johns Hopkins University – Astrobiology Forum
Lunar and Planetary Institute – Spaceward Bound
NAI EPOEducation & Public OutreachNASA Space Calendar
SETI Institute –  Education Programs                                                          TERC – Astrobiology Curriculum                                                                       UCLA – IGPP Center for Astrobiology
University of Wisconsin at Madison – Astrobiology Research Consortium