Meet The Educators


1Annalea Beattie

RMIT University, Australia             Annalea is an Artist and Educator with 25 years experience, served at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) and Spaceward Bound New Zealand participant, developed Australian education, Mars Society Australia (MSA) curriculum, and helped develop observational field sketching. She understands emerging geology in extreme settings, field log, field drawing, and voice recording.

4Audra Phelps

Secondary Biology Teacher, Kazakhastan

Audra has participated in two Spaceward Bound expeditions (Idaho 2013 and New Zealand 2015). Her goal is to build upon her experiences in the field to trial and develop science/ education resources for school children in Kazakhstan. She will interact with school children at Interaction Activity (IA) 1 and 2 during Spaceward Bound India 2016.

2Dr. Ken Silburn

Science Teacher, Australia

Ken is a MSA member who has participated in the Mohave, Pilbara, Arkaroola and New Zealand Spaceward Bound Expeditions. He is a keen videographer and photographer, recipient of 2013 NSW Science teaching award and 2014 NSW Australian Academy of Physics award for Community outreach. Ken has had prior experience teaching in India. On this fieldtrip he will build science education resources as well as interview field scientists, create a video documentary and conduct science competitions.

CaptureDr. Mark Boryta  

Geology and Astronomy Teacher, Mt. San Antonio college, USA
Mark specializes in Precambrian, Metamorphic Geochemistry, dissertation work in Inner Mongolia, China. He is an Academic Consultant at NASA JPL. He plans to conduct comparative analysis of glacial and stream valleys.

3Dr. Michael Wing

Science Teacher, Sir Francis Drake High School, CA, USA
Dr. Wing participated in SB Mohave 2009, Namibia 2010 and 2012, and UAE 2011, and field expeditions to Galapagos, Alaska, Finland, FMARS Canada. He carries out hypolith cyanobacteria project. More Info

limaye2Dr. Sanjay Limaye

Scientist, Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Dr. Limaye is a Senior scientist at Space Science and Engineering Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. He is an expert on planetary atmosphere and served as a NASA Participating Scientist for Japanese Venus Climate Orbiter (Akatsuki) and European Space Agency’s Venus Express Mission. He has served as Visiting Scientist at schools in Wisconsin, USA and Austria, India and Poland. More Info


Rakesh Rao Profile 2Rakesh Rao

Educator and Videographer