NASA Spaceward Bound India Team

Since this is the first NASA Spaceward Bound Expedition to be held in India and in collaboration with Indian Astrobiologists/astrogeologists, the motive is to assign Indian researchers as science leads and work alongside Spaceward Bound researchers to design their experiments and discussion topics. The team comprises of researchers, students and educators.

Thereby we aim to consolidate a region centric research group that shall help coordinate future Spaceward Bound Expeditions and workshops in India and make this a recurring event for years to come.

As this is our first expedition in a region that is new to many of our team members, we have limited ourselves to researchers, their students and participating educators. On completion of this 2016 edition, we are confident to gain experience and an insight into the region to invite applications from students in India and around the world to apply to be a part of future expeditions. There are several ways in which students can engage and remotely participate in the 2016 edition. More information on this shall be released in coming weeks under the Participate tab on this website. So stay tuned and follow our updates!